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Information about donations

We inform players and members that our Server has no financial interest... Earned income is for monthly server maintenance and extra costs - this means that by making a donation, you are ensuring stability and increasing the quality of the server.

The points given to players who make donations represent nothing more than our gratitude, that is, you are not buying points, but receiving a symbolic gratification; you can use your points any way you want.

Your donation symbolizes that you are enjoying the server and that it is worth helping us to keep it online, at the same time giving us the green light to continue with the project, this motivates us to be committed.

If you are aware of and agree with what you have read above, click on this banner bellow to proceed with your donation.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1 Nigor (2147)
2 Egga (1111)
3 Ekke (244)
4 Jogobela (66)
5 Rook Sample (10)